Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Beauty of Ruby-Eyed Bunnies

Here at TBHRR, we know just how special ruby-eyed white (or REW) bunnies are!  Many of us have had REW bunnies as our own beloved family members.  This is why it boggles our minds to know that this particular color combination is the most difficult to adopt out.  Why?  People don't like their eye color.  Seem silly?  Unfortunately it is a fact, and it is discouraging to hear the disparaging remarks people make about these wonderful bunnies

This is Annie. Annie is a sweet, gentle rabbit who was found as a stray. She is timid and fearful of quick movements. We have been working with this adorable girl to get her ready for the life of a loved house rabbit. Annie has come so far in such a short time, we know she will be binkying and tossing toys in no time! Annie should have a bright future and we should see that cute face in a loving home in no time, right? 

This adorable bun seems so adoptable, doesn't she?

Unfortunately, once people see her lovely ruby eyes, they don't want her.

Annie has a very slim chance of getting adopted. Her eyes are red. Do you have REW prejudice? Sadly, many people do. They think red (or ruby, as we prefer) eyed white bunnies are plain, or scary, or not ‘special’ enough. Let me tell you, Annie is plenty special. She is a unique soul, and she deserves a family that recognizes that.  We are thankful for every forever family that gives a REW a chance!

Just like every other ruby-eyed white bunny sitting in the shelters across our country, she is an individual who has her own quirks, likes, dislikes, and preferences. Just like them, she will be overlooked time and time again through no fault of her own- it was just how they were bred to look. 

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Will you open your heart and home to one of these special bunnies?